Bjorn Borg Underwear Review: How Good Are These Boxers?

The number 1 clothing brand for the active and attractive, Bjorn Borg has been making waves in the underwear world since the 1980s.

Inspired by the deeds and performance of the Swedish tennis legend, Bjorn Borg, this is one company that knows what it’s doing when it comes to crafting the very best on the men’s fashion scene - and that includes men’s underwear.

Bjorn Borg boxers are one of the most popular styles sold on our Pants&Socks store, so it is only right that we give a full run-down on the brand the pants it offers.

The history of Bjorn Borg underwear

Bjorn Borg was born in 1956 just south of Stockholm in a town called Södertälje. Though we’re sure he wanted to found his own clothing brand almost immediately, that had to wait until 1984 - after Borg had found international fame as one of the most successful tennis stars in the world. 

Affectionately known as the ‘Ice Man’, Borg first stepped onto the grass of Wimbledon in 1973 and never looked back - winning 5 consecutive titles between 1976 and 1980 thanks to his grit, determination and breathtaking style of tennis. 

And he brings that same breathtaking style to his collection of men’s underwear today!

From 1993, the Bjorn Borg ‘Perfect Fit’ underwear became, like their namesake, an international phenomenon, after designer Anders Arnborger completed his mission to craft his perfect boxers. Created from 17 panels stitched together with flatlock seams, the Bjorn Borg 3201 boxers became an underwear staple and an instant classic. 

But the business did not stop there! Bjorn Borg underwear today is not only synonymous with a ‘Perfect Fit’ and a fantastic design - it is also known for its wide variety of truly vibrant and adventurous patterns and prints. 

Bjorn Borg underwear review

Bjorn Borg’s underwear collection spans boxers, loose boxers, trunks and briefs - all exhibiting the attention to detail, superior construction and variety of patterns and prints that we have all come to expect from the brand. 

Our collection of Bjorn Borg underwear at Pants&Socks currently includes boxers only, but we’ll be adding more Bjorn Borg underwear to our range very soon. 

Bjorn Borg’s boxers come in a range of styles, so let’s dive into more detail…

Bjorn Borg’s boxers range

We carry 3 unique Bjorn Borg boxer styles right now - but watch this space! We’ll be adding more and more in the future:


Bjorn Borg’s boxers - Solid

Björn Borg 3 Pack Solid Men's Boxers are made from a soft cotton jersey for maximum comfort. They have a mid-rise waist, with a medium leg length designed to fit close to the skin and protect against friction. The panel on the crotch is perfect for giving you the  stability you need, while the thin, contrasting iconic signature waistband is styled in a soft elastic microfiber for extra comfort at the waist. 

Bjorn Borg Solids are so named because they come in a variety of solid, block colours. Take your pick from a range of blues, reds, whites, greys, blacks and… even blacker blacks! 


Bjorn Borg’s boxers - Essential

Björn Borg Essential Boxers are the answer to the question: ‘why can’t the boxers I wear every day be top quality?’

Made from a soft cotton jersey, these shorts are both comfortable and breathable, with moisture wicking properties. They have a mid-rise waist and a medium leg length, much like the Solids - also designed to sit close to your skin and minimise friction. The 3 cm microfiber elastic waistband adds to your sense of comfort - and boosts your style with the Bjorn Borg logo standing out proud.

Essentials come in more than just block colours - there are a range of stylish and fun prints and patterns to choose from with your Bjorn Borg essentials!

Essential Contrast

Bjorn Borg’s boxers - Essential contrast

These are some strong lookers.

On paper, they carry the same specifications as the essential boxers, but they sport a strongly contrasting waistband instead - adding that bit of extra style and visual appeal.


Bjorn Borg’s boxers - Core

The Bjorn Borg core boxers are also designed to sit at the mid thigh, with a mid rise waistband and are crafted with microfibre for extra comfort.

Their monochrome design is striking and bold, the pouch is equally as supportive as the Solid and Essential boxers, but the material is stretchier and designed with a smoother finish in mind - perfect for a close (but never tight!) fit.

Try Bjorn Borg underwear

Bjorn Borg underwear has been taking the world by storm since the 1980s. Its quality 17 panel designs, bold colours and patterns as well as a real commitment to comfort, ensure it stands out from the crowd. 

So how good is this underwear? It is championship quality.

Bjorn Borg boxers are perfect for those who enjoy a close-fitting pair of pants that provide support, breathability and comfort in equal measure - and a low rise waist that’ll pair seamlessly with your favourite trousers and shorts. 

If you’ve been thinking about replacing some of the underwear in your drawer or treating yourself to some truly stylish undies, then look no further. 

It’s time for you to hop on the Bjorn Borg train to success.