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Calvin klein underwear

Calvin Klein Underwear Review: Boxers, Briefs, Trunks & More

Calvin Klein Trunks. Calvin Klein Boxers. Calvin Klein Pants. Undoubtedly three of the most searched terms in the underwear world. When it comes to pants and socks, Calvin Klein is definitely the country’s favourite underwear brand.

But what exactly makes them so fantastic? What makes them so popular? Well, dear reader, after an extensive discussion with the PantsMan, we are here to answer exactly these questions and more! 

So, let’s dive in, find out more about the history of Calvin Klein, what makes it the underwear giant that it is today and an in-depth review of some of their best-selling pieces that you can (and should) pick up today!

The history of Calvin Klein underwear

Founded in the late 60s by Calvin Klein (of course) and his best friend Barry Shwartz, the business began by selling womenswear - specifically coats and dresses from a store in New York. Today, it’s a multi-million dollar business and perhaps the most famous underwear brand in the world, with a reputation for a clean aesthetic and innovative designs.

The Calvin Klein pioneering spirit has been apparent throughout the life of the company. Its move into branded jeans and sportswear sparked the growth of the designer casualwear market - and the move into designer underwear for men and women marked a shift in the perception of pants and socks. Suddenly, Americans (followed swiftly by the rest of the world) cared about their underwear. It was no longer just functional. It was sleek. It was stylish. It was Calvin Klein.

But it was in the early 90s that Calvin Klein really took the underwear world by storm when it launched the boxer brief - a hybrid combining the stretch jersey of the brief with the lengthened shape of the boxer. Backed by some very sexy ads, suddenly everybody was wearing them.

The first set of ads featured Marky Mark (Mark Wahlberg), followed by a long list of beautifully built men used to promote the brand ever since - mainly handsome models but there have also been celebrity faces including singer Justin Bieber and foootballer Freddie Ljungberg.

Calvin Klein underwear in particular has become synonymous with sex appeal and enduring style. The most popular shape now is the Calvin Klein Trunk, similar to the boxer brief but shorter in the thigh.

The male models that the brand uses today are less hunky, more street and a bit more real, but the imagery is still just as striking as ever. 

And, when it comes to underwear, Calvin Klein is still the one the most people ask for. 

Why is Calvin Klein underwear so popular?

Well, the first answer to this question is an easy one - because of their top-notch advertising and clean logo designs, EVERYONE has heard of them! Wherever you go around the world, Calvin Klein is synonymous with sexy, stylish underwear - so, naturally, everyone wants a pair. 

They sell the idea that, when you slip on a pair of Calvin Kleins, you are sexy and you are a confident beast who can take on the world.

But it all started with their commitment to quality. While it is considered a luxury brand by some, Calvin Klein is actually priced in a very accessible way for the genuine quality that you’re getting. 

Finally, they’ve put out ad campaigns that not only include A-list celebrity names to add credo to their brand, but the ads are also striking and provocative - they’re memorable!

The combination of their quality and their messaging makes CK a brand that just can’t be beat - a brand that everyone wants to wear.

And now, it’s your turn to slip them on… So, let’s dive into the reviews!

Calvin Klein underwear review

They’re comfy, soft and come in a HUGE variety of styles and fits to suit every modern man. Calvin Klein’s underwear combines insanely good quality with memorable advertising and branding and, of course, their accessible price points. 

So, without further ado, let’s jump into their most popular styles and bring on the reviews!


Calvin Klein Trunks

At Pants&Socks, we stock 2 styles of Calvin Klein’s trunks. First up, we have the aptly named, Calvin Klein Trunks.

These are a classic choice for the modern gentleman, designed to fit snugly (but not tightly) against the skin. Trunks are very similar to the iconic boxer briefs (first designed by Calvin Klein), but they are shorter on the leg, while offering a similar level of comfort and support. 

All of CK’s Trunks are crafted from a rich cotton blend that offers the perfect combination of breathability, durability, comfort and moisture-wicking properties. 

They have a sleek, modern and minimalist design, mostly available in cool black, but also up for grabs in more colourful green, red and blue. And, of course, we can’t mention design without bringing up the firm elastic waistband and the signature Calvin Klein branding that adorns it. 

These are the perfect pants to wear for everyday comfort. No matter if you’re heading out to the office, exploring the city or lounging at home, these pants will keep you feeling well-supported and cosy all day long. 

And, at just £40 for a pack of three, they’re priced for accessibility. 

We also carry Calvin Klein’s Low Rise Trunks.

These are crafted from exactly the same materials and feature the same pricing and classic design as the regular trunks, except that they are designed in a low-rise fit. This means that they sit optimally just below your natural waistline. 

Finally, we’d be foolish to ignore their newer Evolution Trunks. A sleek, modern collection designed with physical activity in mind. These trunks are built to withstand more stress and strain, while providing superior moisture-wicking and antibacterial properties to keep you feeling fresher for longer. 

The primary difference in the design of these comes down to the slightly thicker waistband with larger branded lettering and the material itself, which is a Supima cotton stretch jersey. 

Currently, this style is only available as a single purchase for £26, but if you’re a sportsman, we’d highly recommend you pick up a couple of pairs.

Boxer briefs

Calvin Klein Boxer Briefs

The Calvin Klein Boxer Brief is the design that truly put Calvin Klein on the map. It is the one pant style that could possibly be described as iconic, certainly it revolutionised men’s underwear.

Its genesis came when designer John Varvatos, who was working for Calvin Klein at the time, reportedly cut the legs off a pair of long-johns. With a bit of a tweak at the thigh and a stronger waistband and suddenly a fashion classic was created.

As mentioned, boxer briefs are cut in a very similar style as a trunk, except that they extend further down the leg. This is great for the gent with larger thighs as the extra material here, sitting snugly against the skin, can help combat uncomfortable chafing on the daily. 

These are also most commonly styled in a stark and chic black, though they are also available in blue and navy. And, naturally, they carry that signature, clean Calvin Klein logo styling on the waistband. 

Crafted from a cotton/elastane blend, these are designed with comfort firmly in mind. With the soft cotton providing comfort, breathability and moisture wicking properties, while the 5% elastane injection gives just the right amount of stretch to ensure the most comfortable and snug fit without ever feeling restrictive. And at just £40 for a pack of three we’d recommend grabbing them right now. 


Calvin Klein briefs

Though briefs… er… briefly went out of style following the release of the boxer briefs in the 80s, they’re back with a vengeance! And Calvin Klein’s Hip Briefs are some of the very finest that money can buy. 

Briefs are all about providing the perfect combination of firm support for your package and total freedom for your legs. They keep your fellas tucked snugly away, letting your legs do what they do best without restriction of movement in any way. 

CK’s Hip Briefs are designed to sit on your hips and cradle your package perfectly in a cosy, stretch-cotton embrace. The material is perfectly soft to the touch, with just the right amount of stretch to keep the boys tucked in snugly but not tightly. 

Available in a wide variety of colours from black to red, blue, white and grey, these pants can be as plain or as vibrant as you choose. And, as is to be expected, they all feature the signature Calvin Klein branding at the generous waistband that is designed for soft comfort - it won’t dig into your skin at all!

At £36 for a pack of 3, you save on extra leg material AND money when you pick up a pair of CK briefs. So, get your sexy on and pick up a pack right now!


Calvin Klein Thong

The ultimate statement of ‘sex’ - the Calvin Klein men’s thong.

A more extreme version of the briefs, also designed to provide maximum support and comfort to your package while giving you the ultimate in freedom of movement on your legs, the CK thong is a real confidence booster that maximises your flesh exposure - helping to keep you cool in the warmer months, while feeling sexy as hell. 

Many men ask us whether thongs are actually comfortable… and the answer is a resounding YES. These are very comfortable to wear. After the initial adjustment to make sure everyone and everything is where it should be, you’ll immediately feel the difference and embrace the freedom that they offer. 

Styled in chic black, with the signature Calvin Klein logo embroidered at the generous waistband (designed for soft comfort), the thong is the statement piece to blow all other statement pieces out of the water. 

And at £35 for a pack of 2 - isn’t it time you gave in to temptation and picked up a couple of pairs? We promise you won’t regret it.  


Calvin Klein Socks

We carry an broad variety of Calvin Klein socks, suitable for all occasions. And the one thing they all have in common: top quality. 

If you’re looking for some no-shows or low rise socks to pair with your summer shorts, you won’t go far wrong with CK’s Footies or Grant socks. The Footies are built in a cotton/elastane blend for superior fit and durability, while the Grants are found in a slightly softer combed cotton. 

If you want ankle socks, then Calvin Klein’s Dirk Liners are the way to go, found in a soft combed cotton with the iconic branding generously emblazoned across the top of the foot.

When it comes to crew/trouser length socks, you’re really spoiled for choice! But our favourites are the Darwin Dress Crew socks for their elegant and understated logo patterning and variety. 

And if you want some everyday workhorses that are chic, understated and perfect for everyday casual or smart wear, we couldn’t recommend the Carter Casual socks highly enough. These are classic crew designs with a very subtle Calvin Klein logo near the cuff. With hand-linked stitching in the toe, these are built for comfort and durability, and - at just £12 for a 2-pack - they won’t break the bank either!

Try Calvin Klein underwear for yourself

And there we have it - the iconic Calvin Klein range at Pants&Socks.

With its rich history, elegant and sexy styling, eye-catching ad campaigns, celebrity endorsements and innovative creations, it’s easy to see why Calvin Klein is recognised all over the world as THE name in men’s underwear. 

With so many truly wonderful, comfortable and stylish products to choose from, it’s difficult to know where to begin! But we hope that this review has given you a decent starting point from which to begin - or continue - your underwear journey with Calvin Klein. 

If a particular item has caught your eye, take a scroll back up this page to track it down and learn more! Or, if you’d like to browse our Calvin Klein collection at your leisure, you can do so right now by following this link to our full Calvin Klein collection.

Remember to keep your eyes glued to our Below the Belt Blog for the latest and greatest info on FAQs, reviews, new products and helpful tips and tricks to make sure you stay in the know about everything Pants&Socks. 

But for now, enjoy the iconic majesty that is: Calvin Klein.  

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