SAXX Underwear Review: What is the BallPark Pouch?

Guys, it’s time to talk about SAXX underwear. SAXX is one of the newest brands on the block when it comes to men’s underwear. It was only established in 2006. But to say that it has made some serious waves since is just a little bit of an understatement. 

“We exist to support you,” is their motto. And it is one that we, as fervent admirers and lovers of fine pants handiwork fully endorse. If you have balls (and let’s face it, most of us do - the era of eunuchs is a relatively distant memory) then SAXX should well and truly be on your radar as some of the most comfortable, supportive, and innovative brands out there.

Why? Well, we’ll tell you why! 

The SAXX Ballpark Pouch™ is one of the most outstanding features to come into the world of pants in many a year.

So, come with us as we dive headfirst into the wonderful world of SAXX’s underwear for men and discover the secrets that make them some of the biggest names in the game. 

Why is SAXX getting so much love?

SAXX has managed to garner a little bit of super spicy, extra special celebrity attention of late. Namely from renowned chef Jamie Oliver and England footballer Wayne Bridge. 

Both have been heard out and about singing the praises of SAXX underwear to anyone who’ll listen.

Oliver even splashed out and bought all his crew pairs of SAXX to try, adamant that their lives will be changed forever…Indeed, he went so far as to say:

“If you want to have your balls cradled by an angel, all day, every day… they have BallPark™ technology.” He also called them his “biggest revelation of the last 2 years”. Oh boy, does Jamie love the SAXX BallPark Pouch™!

Similarly, Wayne Bridge can’t get enough of SAXX underwear and “never leaves the house without them.” Much like Mr. Oliver, he sings the praises of the pouch, stating:

“It’s that BallPark Pouch™ which cups your balls absolutely beautifully.”

Basically, guys… we need to talk about this specially constructed pouch. After all, who wouldn’t want their nuts cupped by angels daily? (He does know how to turn a phrase, that Jamie.)

How does SAXX BallPark Pouch™ work?

The SAXX story started with their founder, Trent Kitsch, wondering if there was a better way to fend off the uncomfortable effects of chafing down south after a long day of activity. Enter: the BallPark Pouch™. 

Every pair of SAXX underwear comes equipped with this beauty. It’s a hammock shaped, 3D pouch that’s specially designed to keep everything in place and aligned. Constructed from mesh panels, you won’t have to worry about things heating up down there either. The pouch is not just supportive, but also incredibly breathable and airy, giving you the perfect blend of security and comfort to go about your day distraction-free. 

So, it’s literally as simple as pulling on your SAXX pants, slotting everything nicely into place, then going off and taking on whatever the day throws at you - but this time, with ‘angels’ on your team, cupping your stuff. 

We call that heaven-sent. 

Great pants, for guys like us

It is also worth mentioning that Saxx has a bit of a different view to who models their pants. Look at their imagery and you’ll see some pretty interesting looking guys.

Men who look, well, a bit like you and me. No chiselled models suggesting how you should look (we now they are always breathing in!!). These are real people: distinctive, beautiful in their own right, and clearly comfortable in their pants. We love it.

Our favourite SAXX pants

Naturally, here at Pants & Socks we keep a whole range of amazing SAXX products in stock for every need and occasion. As above, every pair comes equipped with that tremendous BallPark Pouch™.

1. SAXX Daytripper

SAXX Daytripper

SAXX’s ‘entry level’ boxer briefs (with fly) are absolutely no slouches. Whether it’s a long weekend away or a coffee on campus, the Daytrippers were designed with your day-to-day comfort in mind. Constructed from a super soft and breathable synthetic fabric and coming in a vast range of colourful designs and patterns, the Daytrippers are some of SAXX’s most popular and accessible pants for every occasion.  

2. SAXX Vibe

Saxx Vibe

The Vibes are SAXX’s boxer briefs that are cut to a slimmer fit and constructed without a fly. They’re made from a fabulously high quality breathable and moisture-wicking fabric. The vibe is also available in their widest array of colours and prints - they are the perfect boxer briefs for the man who likes to layer his clothing without a fuss AND look extremely snazzy whilst he does it. 

3. SAXX Undercover

 SAXX Undercover

SAXX’s Undercover trunks (with fly) are constructed from a super super high quality modal cotton blend that is just about the softest material that you can press your balls against, and it wicks moisture. The Undercover range of trunks is designed to face all the challenges of the modern man, while keeping him extremely soft and snuggly. 

4. SAXX Sport Mesh

 SAXX Sport Mesh Boxer Brief Fly SAXX Sport Mesh Boxer Brief Fly Click to expand      SAXX Sport Mesh

Definitely the pants for you if you’re a sportsman and avid gym fan. The SAXX Sport Mesh are performance boxer briefs that are designed to reach far beyond the weight room. Made from a super lightweight and moisture-wicking synthetic micromesh, these pants will do the job for just about anything! And they are definitely our pants of choice for that big game or gym sesh. 

5. SAXX Quest

SAXX Quest

Built for the man who is always ready for his next adventure, the SAXX Quest boxer briefs (equipped with fly) are cut from a quick-drying and odour-busting fabric and are the perfect pants for a hectic (daredevil?) life. Supportive, breathable, and chafe-resistant: they have it all in one low-maintenance package. 

SAXX underwear sizing

The boxer brief is SAXX’s most popular cut, so you can find their underwear size guide - unique to their boxer briefs - outlined below and represented in inches.


Waist Size













To ensure that your pants don’t ride up around your thighs uncomfortably, paying attention to sizing is a real ‘must’. 

For the SAXX Vibes and Sport Mesh, we would recommend that you go for a size up from your normal if you sit at the cusp. They’re both cut with a slightly slimmer fit and naturally sit closer to your skin. If your thighs are large, we would also recommend going the size up with every pair to ensure that you don’t experience any chafing. 

For more info on how to find your own personal perfect pants size, we’d recommend reading our detailed underwear size guide to get the lowdown and ensure that you never run into sizing issues again!

Are SAXX pants worth it?

The BIG question of the day - do SAXX’s pants cut the mustard? We think it’s pretty obvious from the many MANY praises that we’ve already sung of SAXX throughout this article, but, YES. They are ABSOLUTELY worth it. 

The BallPark Pouch™ makes wearing SAXX pants an absolute pleasure. They offer the levels of support, comfort, and breathability that give you the confidence to go about your day without being distracted at all by discomfort below the belt. 

Their designs are colourful, super snazzy, and also, super sexy. You can’t fault them for their design choices. 

In terms of price, yes, SAXX is more of a premium brand, but with the entry-level Daytripper boxer briefs starting at just £16 a pair, they hardly break the bank. And trust us, your balls will absolutely thank you for splashing out on their comfort!

SAXX is an amazing underwear choice for the modern man, endorsed by big names, and… basically described as ‘heavenly’ underwear for men. You can NOT go wrong. 

As if you needed even more convincing, follow this link to take a peek at our full range of SAXX underwear