12 Best Men’s Underwear Brands You Need To Know in 2024

Calvin Klein. BOSS. GANT. There are some great underwear brands out there at the moment, just waiting to be tried and tested. You make that purchase, eagerly await delivery, rip open the pristine box, and pull on a pair of truly luxurious pants from one of the world’s leading brands. There’s no better feeling than swaddling yourself in pure quality. 

And that is the hallmark of the very best men’s underwear brands: quality. Quality oozes from every aspect of their being, from the delicate stitching to the supportive front pouch to the firm waistband that ties it all together. 

Pants&Socks was founded on the principle that no man should be without an amazing pair of pants to call his own. We thrive on bringing pants to the people. And not just any pants! Only the very best pants will do!

But wait! 

You know all about the biggest and boldest brands, for sure? That’s a given in this day and age… but what about some slightly lesser-known brands? You think because they’re lesser known that they offer inferior pants?? 

“Poppycock!”, says the Pantsman. And he’s right. 

Fortunately for you, he has joined us once again, back from his summer adventures on the Cornish coast, to provide us with THE lowdown on the very best men’s underwear brands that you NEED to know in 2022. 

Don’t say we don’t know how to treat you right.  

Our 15 best underwear brands for men (in no particular order)

  1. Calvin Klein
  2. BOSS
  3. GANT
  4. Derek Rose
  5. SAXX
  6. Polo Ralph Lauren
  7. Ted Baker
  8. Björn Borg
  9. HOM
  10. Tommy Hilfiger
  11. French Connection
  12. Puma

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein

Since 1968 Calvin Klein has become synonymous with relaxed luxury and refined simplicity. Everybody knows Calvin Klein, with its bold waistbands and focus on modern, casual elegance. From lounging at home to setting the office alight, Calvin Klein’s pants will provide you with the very best in comfort and quality, keeping you ready for whatever is thrown your way - and looking great while you do it! 



There’s a reason why BOSS is one of the biggest names in men’s underwear. BOSS is a by-word for high-quality craftsmanship - whatever the occasion. Sleek, simple, and super sexy, BOSS’s pants are designed with versatile elegance in mind. Whether you’re keeping it casual or aiming for a chic business look, BOSS will have you covered with its stylish collections of men’s pants, helping you to be the REAL boss. 



GANT originally specialised in shirts and was responsible for the Oxford Colour Explosion. Since then, they’ve applied this colour burst to its impressive collection of pants. GANT underwear all but defines the smart-casual look. Vibrant colours and patterns? Check. Top-quality design? Check. The very best materials? Triple check. GANT has it all, folks! 

Derek Rose

Derek Rose

You want luxury? Well, baby… you got luxury with British-brand, Derek Rose. Its men’s underwear collection is designed to help you look good, feel good, and make the most of the special moments in life that come your way - with total and utter comfort being the key to its success. Using ONLY the highest quality materials and incorporating timeless designs, Derek Rose underwear helps you switch off and relax from that daily grind. Now that’s what we call impressive. 



SAXX was founded on one principle and one principle alone: why can’t men’s underwear be better? SAXX underwear combines its unique approach to design with ground-breaking pants-focused technology to keep you in chafe-free comfort. Check out its Ball Park Technology. As Jamie Oliver said: “ If you want your balls cradled by an angel, all day, every day” then you need to wear Saxx, 

Polo Ralph Lauren

Polo Ralph Lauren

Polo Ralph Lauren has been a cornerstone of American style for over 50 years. Its pants are no exception to this rule. With a distinctive, luxurious feel and a preppy appeal that has been developed over several decades, Ralph Lauren combines top quality materials with tried and tested styles to create timeless classics. It never fails to disappoint. Polo Ralph Lauren is a fashion institution - it won’t let you down.  

Ted Baker

Ted Baker

When you buy a pair of Ted Baker pants, you know you’re getting an item with personality woven into its heart. Ted Baker has an unmatched focus on contemporary quality, attention to detail… and a little quirkiness thrown in for good measure. Its underwear collection is simultaneously timeless and bold, featuring unique patterns and prints guaranteed to compliment any style. So go ahead and let them compliment you. 

Björn Borg

Björn Borg

You want to raise your pants game? Go ahead and do just that with Björn Borg underwear for men. Replete with patterns, colours, solids – and, of course, the all-important perfect fit, Björn Borg underwear has it all.  It is a homage to the tennis legend himself. Your search for the most stylish and comfortable men’s underwear starts and ends right here. An ace in the hole. Now, go work on your backhand.



HOM has been constantly innovating men’s underwear. Superior security and support are the name of the game for HOM and it is now well-known and acclaimed for its diverse range of underwear designs that provide absolute comfort in a top-quality package. HOM develops collections that anticipate the needs of the modern man and brings these concepts to fruition with unrivalled skill. HOM is a benchmark of masculine excellence you need to know about.    

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger focuses strongly on superior styling with an all-American attitude. Starting with sportswear but expanding to encompass a complete premium lifestyle, its preppy underwear can elevate a tailored suit for a touch of sophisticated playfulness or be paired with a classic jeans and tee combo for a casual romp. Whatever the occasion, Tommy Hilfiger’s pants let you radiate confidence in every season. 

French Connection

French Connection

French Connection is synonymous with affordable quality and classic design. Universally recognised for its ‘fcuk fashion’ slogan that made serious waves, French Connection thrives on sharing its chic and contemporary styles across the world. Top-quality materials and terrific designs at affordable prices. What’s not to love?     



Puma knows that nothing beats the feeling of scoring the winning goal or setting a new personal record - and its pants may just help you do just that! Its collection is designed specifically to keep you secure and comfortable all day, at home, on the pitch, or… just about anywhere really! Meaning you can keep your mind focused on what matters most: the game at hand. 

What brand of men's underwear is most popular?

Wowzers! Now that’s a list of pants goodness right there. Any one of these amazing brands could keep you looking cool, feeling comfortable, and super classy for years to come. 

But we know what you’re thinking: which brand is the most popular and which one should I rush to get my hands on?

Well… that’s a hell of a question, isn’t it? We could, of course, ply you off with an ‘it’s all down to personal preference’ answer… but we don’t want to give you that!

The most popular brands on this list here are, without a doubt, those BIG name brands: Calvin Klein, BOSS and CR7. Does that mean that they are the absolute BEST pants you can buy? Well, no..? THAT really does depend on your personal preferences. 

So, what are the best men’s underwear brands in 2022?

Well, this has been quite a round-up of all of the very best men’s underwear brands that we stock at Pants&Socks HQ. We can tell you without a second’s pause that every brand on this list produces some quality underwear that won’t let you down. 

Therefore, crowning a best of the best is all but impossible. 

But why should you only want just one ‘best’ when you have a whole list of 15 ‘bests’ right here!? Anyone is worthy of the title! And we definitely won’t catch the Pantsman picking favourites - he loves all of his children equally. 

So, you’re now fully prepped to dive headfirst into the realm of men’s pants. You know the best brands to look out for and have some clue as to what makes each brand special. Before you start browsing, we’d advise taking a peek at some of our other articles, just to make sure that when you do make that all-important purchase of some quality pants, you get the pants that are perfect for you!

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Of course, the rest of our Below the Belt Blog is stuffed to the brim with sage-like advice and important information for all you pants and socks lovers out there, so, if you have some spare time, feel free to browse at your leisure. 

Now, the pants drawer is calling… Happy hunting, gents!