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Calvin Klein is the classic men’s underwear name. Contemporary, iconic and always providing exceptional comfort and fit.

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Calvin Klein Underwear FAQs

Calvin Klein is the classic men’s underwear name. Contemporary, iconic and always providing exceptional comfort and fit.

Why is Calvin Klein underwear popular?

Calvin Klein is perhaps the most recognisable name in men’s underwear today. Indeed, it may even be the most recognisable name in men’s fashion, period. Calvin Klein has spent decades crafting a reputation as a manufacturer of the highest quality, most stylish, must-have underwear. The distinct lettering on all its products is immediately recognisable and is synonymous with ‘excellence’. It’s 1992 ad campaign famously featuring ‘Marky’ Mark Wahlberg was an instant classic and established the CK reputation as a brand with sex appeal and style. The company is also extremely innovative - arguably responsible for the greatest revolution in men’s underwear of the last 50 years: the creation of the boxer brief. In short, Calvin Klein is so popular because it knows how to do 3 things better than almost anyone out there: produce top-notch marketing, anticipate the needs of the modern man and craft quality underwear that doesn’t break the bank.

What are the different types of Calvin Klein underwear?

The unique pedigree and popularity of Calvin Klein means that it produces a truly wide range of mens underwear in styles to suit everyone’s personal tastes. At Pants&Socks, we carry a huge variety of Clavin Klein products, including: - Briefs - regular and ‘hip’ briefs (low rise) - Trunks - regular and low rise - Boxer briefs - regular and low rise - Thongs - Boxer shorts - woven and slim fit These types are further broken down into collections by Calvin Klein, so we would recommend finding out which type and style of underwear you like first, then exploring the different Calvin Klein collections within that style category. For more information on underwear types, check out our article discussing everything you need to know about the different types of men’s underwear:

What’s the difference between Calvin Klein boxer shorts, boxer briefs and trunks?

Boxer shorts are designed to be loose-fitting with a long length down your leg. Most traditional boxer shorts will have an elastic waistband and legs that stretch to a few inches above the knee. The loose fit promotes air circulation and gives good freedom of movement, but offers little in the way of support for your package. Boxer shorts are good to wear under looser fitting trousers or for using as sleep/loungewear (and reportedly, they are better for your sperm count). Boxer briefs were actually invented by Calvin Klein during the early 90s and were created to combine the very best elements of boxer shorts and briefs into one versatile piece of underwear. Like boxer shorts, boxer briefs extend down your leg beyond your mid thigh, but the fabric is knitted and contains elastane, which allows the cloth to stretch and sit much closer to the skin. Boxer briefs are not designed to be loose, which means that, while they offer less air circulation, they provide greater support for your package and can be worn under tighter fitting trousers. Trunks are extremely similar to boxer briefs. They provide great support and also extend down your leg. Unlike boxer briefs, however, trunks do not extend as far down your thigh - no trunk legs will cross your mid-thigh.

What size Calvin Klein underwear should I buy?

When choosing your new Calvin Klein underwear, we would recommend you stick to your normal waist size for trousers and shorts. While this is usually measured in inches in other legwear, for Calvin Klein underwear, they break it down into sizes like: small, medium, large. To find your perfect fit, we recommend consulting our Pants&Socks size guide, found on each of our product pages. Find your waist size (using your trousers etc. as reference or by measuring your waist - preferably with a loose tape measure) and then match your size in inches to Calvin Klein’s scale. For example, if your waist is 32 inches, you’ll be looking for a medium in Calvin Klein sizing. If your waist sits between sizes, for example, you’re 34 inches or just over, we would recommend choosing the next size up to be safe. All Calvin Klein pants (except boxer shorts) are designed to fit snugly and sit close to your skin - but they should never be tight.

How and where can I buy Calvin Klein underwear?

While you can buy Calvin Klein underwear in almost any store where underwear is sold, the best place is right here at Pants&Socks. Head on over to our dedicated Calvin Klein collections page and explore our extensive range right now: Or, if you want you CK pants delivered to you on the regular without you having to even lift a finger, you can sign up for our P&S Subscription service to save 20% on all of your orders, receive free postage and choose a range of delivery packages to suit you - whether you want some fresh new pants every month or just twice a year, we’ll get you kitted out with Calvin Klein goodness: